Conservation and Development in India — April 3rd


“Balancing Conservation and Development in Human-Dominated Landscapes: The Indian Rope Trick”
4:00 pm, Tuesday, April 3rd
Science Center 200

An Invited Lecture by Dr. Ruchi Badola
Professor and Scientist at the Wildlife Institute of India (Govt. of India) Dept of Ecodevelopment Planning and Participatory Management

Dr. Badola studies sustainable approaches to tiger and elephant conservation on behalf of the Government of India. An economist by training, she works closely with park-dependent communities and Indian policymakers to frame conservation solutions that make sense in the context of both local and global challenges including infrastructure development, resource extraction, mining, urbanization, deforestation, and other cultural practices that come into conflict with State-led conservation objectives. Her talk on April 3rd is co-sponsored by EPACC, Environmental Studies, Globalization Studies, Economics, and Women Gender and Sexuality Studies.


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