New ES student research page

Check out our new and improved Student Research page!

Hopefully this page will give current and prospective students a sense for the types of research projects taking place in ES, and perhaps inspire new research directions. See any missing papers, conferences, or research projects? Let us know.

As an added bonus, the page includes a map of readership worldwide (screenshot below, check out the web page for real time updates…)


ES Students and Alums at GSA

Hi everyone,

Rachael Grube and Heather Ipsen recently presented their research at the national Geological Society of America meeting in Baltimore, MD. In addition, ES alumna, Rebecca Taormina, presented her MS research in the same session (entitled QUATERNARY GEOLOGY: PLEISTOCENE TO HOLOCENE DEPOSITS, LANDFORMS AND PROCESSES). Rebecca recently finished her MS, and now she is working on a PhD at Baylor University. ES alumna, Jessica Lee, also attended the conference, but somehow hid from my camera. Jess will be presenting at AAG, so some of you might see her there.



Sarah Principato, Associate Professor

Department of Environmental Studies

Gettysburg College

Gettysburg, PA 17325